Sunday, January 15, 2017

Night Garden . . .

It's been a long while since I blogged patterns... Time to get back to it:).


Roberta Warshaw said...

Yes. Too long. I needed this today. Thanks!

Jules Means said...

Yikes! I love your work SOOO much! What a lovely way to start the day :)))

Eliz Z said...

Wonderful and colorful

Kristen said...

I want these in a fabric!

caroline said...

Dear Helen!
Soooooooo lovely!
Would love to show your art to the readers of our print magazine...would you?
That would be fun..

B. Dixon said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

I've found some of your food related patterns while searching online.
Is it possible to purchase your patterns as a fabric?
Please reply to

Thanks!! :)

Unknown said...

These are brilliant.

Sally said...

Hi Helen, where can I buy your fabric please? (I'm in the UK)

koi seo said...

great drawing. i like like

Unknown said...

I love your art! How do I get ahold of you? Seems your Etsy shop has closed and I don't see an email link. Would like to ask you a few questions. Thanks, Beth

Unknown said...

beautiful love flowers

AlleyCat said...

Hi Helen, I'm using your art for a cover photo for a FB group. Can you please tell me how you would like credit to appear? Your stuff is amazing!!! <3

orange you lucky! said...

Hello Alley @AlleyCat! Thanks for all the love, but please don't use my art for any FB group cover photos. I really would appreciate if you don't. Thanks, Helen

AlleyCat said...

Sure thing, thanks for responding.

Anna said...

I love your work. I love the night time and believe that any garden comes to life after sunset

Embroidery Digitizing said...

Awesome patterns. Love these floral patterns. Colorful and pretty!

Funnymummy said...

Hi! Love your work !! Love the colors and patterns ! Is it ink that you use or acrylic ?!

Unknown said...

Love the bright colors.

Sue Rostron said...

Your work is stunning. Do you sell quilting fabric?

Dhaval Jariwala said...

Hello, Do you sell your patterns? I Want to use it for commercial purpose.
Please revert. Thank you.

chris said...

lovely bright colours!

Noga Podjarski said...

Wow! Amazing. How do I buy this in fabric?

Melz said...

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