Tuesday, April 22, 2008

fun travel finds:)

I'm very excited to be going on a major trip (for almost all of June) to Ukraine! I absolutely love to travel! I even love the smell of the plane (I know that's hard to relate to). The best part - the anticipation of the adventure. And I know, the travelling part is going to be less than fun with all the bored (or worse - crying) kids on my hands, a ton of luggage and the circus that airport security has become......but....I'm still looking forward to it! I'll share some of the fun travel related items I've recently found:
6. Luggage from 'Darjeeling ltd.'. Collaboration between Wes Anderson, Marc Jacobs & Louis Vitton.
*If you have some advice about traveling with little children, please share! I've not been on vacation since before the kids and I'm sure there will be an army of surprises. And, if you know of any fun travel related items - I'd love to hear about it!


Carolyn said...

how lovely for you!
every year we travel with lily... take lots of snacks, sketchbooks, markers, books, music (ipod), little games... + the list could go on + on. get them some little portable cameras, fun, quirky stuff!
if i think of anything else i'll let ya know.
they also have movies on the plane, so that's handy for passing some of the time away.

tatjana said...

I'm off to visit my swiss roots with my kids this summer and thinking along the same lines. I've done it before with only one child and playdo was the answer. (literally for an 8 hour flight) and dold out treats and stories and little animals. (I'm thinking maybe a new toy/project for each leg of the trip) I feel like as long as you can stand playing, the airplane is not a problem (parents undivided attention? alright!) I just don't expect to read my own book. Once we get there we try to stay in a home base and not travel around too much. And I try to alternate did- adult things (museum, then playground etc. I love to see it all through the eyes of my kids though, it's too fun to show off all the different food and sights.
have a great trip!
I enjot visiting your blog, your work is fun and beautiful and inspiring - thanks

heidi said...

you always find the best sutff!

kitty stitch said...

have a great hol ...I can relate I actually like aeroplane food...!

Dariela said...

I love to travel too! I have only traveled with my boy when he was 9 months and it was a pretty easy age, he behaved so well and the plane rides weren't that long. But I recently found this blog which I'm suscribed to cause it has loooots of great suggestions for traveling with kids. I highly recommend you look at it!

Nanette said...

Right, I'm going to give you the best damn piece of advice any mother can get prior to embarking on a plane journey with infants. Road test the phenergan (if that's what you call it in the states) a couple of days before if you are planning to give it to some of the more excitable of your brood.
It is supposed to relax them and help with sleep but some children have a paradoxical reaction (which is a polite way of saying the kid will be bouncing off the walls). Trust me. I speak from bitter experience.
..Ooh, and if all else fails order a couple of tequilas on ice, pass out quietly in the corner and let the air staff pick up the pieces.
Here's hoping you wont need to.
x Nan

Blooming said...

Hi! Love your work! Chiming in on travel with kids.

I've been from Japan to New Zealand 7 times with my son, from the age of six months till he was 4. We went to Guam recently with little brother in tow as well - all solo flights (only me since hubby is always working).

My biggest tip is to pack your carry on luggage very carefully. It's great if your kids can carry their own backpacks but be realistic. When we came back from Guam at Christmas time both of my kids were sick so I had to carry it all.

I like a hands-free set up with passports and valuables in an across the chest bag. Then a backpack or a wheelie bag so you can carry your little one if necessary.

Inside the bag - labeled ziplocs for everything. The labels mean it's easy to get out what you need and stow the bag with the rest in the overhead locker so your kids have leg room. Make sure you pack spare clothes for yourself and for them.

Straws for the drinks to reduce spills.

Keep the tray from the meal if possible to stop their markers rolling off the table.

Practice using the restroom in flight before it becomes critical (they are a bit scary for little ones). The newly toilet trained should probably wear diapers "just in case".

Take lollipops to eat as you descend (for their ears) if your kids are too little for boiled sweets. Actually they hardly even pass out sweets anymore.

I have tons more tips. I've become quite the seasoned traveling mum.

Have a wonderful time. I'm so jealous!

orange you lucky! said...

Oh Boy!!! This is a ton of great information! I'm happy I asked! Thank you so much for all the tips! I'm feeling a ted overwhelmed, but I'll manage. I completely forgot how the ears hurt when you go up or down and the bathroom scenario hasn't even occurred to me. Lot's more preparation work in store for me. Thanks, again!!! helen:)

Ange said...

Dear Helen

I haven't travelled with my two littlies (yet) but I do remember travelling as a child and I remember fondly these special activity books one used to be able to get that had a pen that came with them that, when rubbed over the area, revealed, like magic, the answer to a question, the parts of hangman, the piece of a picture, ..... you get the idea. I don't know if they are still made but I do know that these books were not often bought for me by my parents (so they must have been more expensive) and, thus, they were a very special treat and, for that, kept me enthralled for the whole plane trip.

So, even if they don't exist today, maybe there is something that holds this same hallowed feeling for your little ones and will be just as delightful and absorbing for them.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.