Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Santa & His Assistant . . . Holiday Tags 2015 . . .

I'm a little late with this years printable holiday tags... but there's still a week to go... so, if you haven't wrapped and labeled yet - my Santa and his Alligator assistant might help!
        click on the image
          - it will open in its own window
            at high resolution (300 dpi)
        • copy that to your desktop.
         print as many as you'd like in any size you'd like:)
          Happy wrapping and labelling:)!

and if you don't think these will do the job... well... check out the previous year's tags:


Bianca said...

These are beautiful, thank you so much!

csilladaniaban said...

You are amazing :-) Many thanks and happy christmas to you and your family!

Aidel Knaidel said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you !

Maris Maria Renne said...

Wat een heerlijke kleuren, helemaal mijn stijl en smaak! Helaas is mijn printer vorige week overleden :-(

Unknown said...

These are so cute. I especially love the vintage feel of that Santa. I'm a baby boomer, and it just feels like my own childhood.

CindyB said...

I saw it on Instagram and had to come to your blog. These are awesome tags, thanks for sharing!

agravette said...

Thank you! These are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot

Panharith said...

These are so cute.


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