Tuesday, July 8, 2008

soft side of etsy:)

I love toys!  I'm itching to stitch a new one up, but there's just no time for such luxury. For now, I'll just have to put that fire out by window shopping on Etsy (lord knows, I already have more toys than anyone should have).
1. Storks - boy & girl - from Amano Crafts
2. Sleeping Beauty from fur will fly
3. Cloth Doll Ginger in Green from area thrifty one
4. Wool Felt Handmade Huggable Dolls from gifts define
5. Dachshunds from alice apple
6. 3 Peas in a pod from Pink Clover 1
7. Charlie Chaplin from Felt Like Stitching'
8. Julie from Rosie Posies
9. Autumn Cat from El gato marico


ellencrimitrent said...

I hear ya I have tons of this felt I bought for a special project that may never get done!! I love those dachshunds, I have seen them before somewhere but cannot remember.

Heather Moore said...

I adore making toys, but also seldom get around to it. You would make the best toys! Perhaps a collaboration - you design, they make... Just a thought!

orange you lucky! said...

A collaboration would be great.... I just need to find 'them', the ones that make:)
I need to clone myself... really... that's the only way:)

meg said...

oh these are fantastic! there are some new artists in this list I can't wait to check out...

Amano Crafts said...

You always have something interesting to see. The toys are amazing and I feel so flattered to see my storke's in this list. Thanks :D