Friday, August 21, 2009

To my super duper wonderful readers: Thank you so very much for your participation! 
My little bingo machine did not go to 137... so I had to use online random number generator... and it chose the lucky #74.
So... Dear Anke - please e-mail me your address and I'll ship the tea towels your way:)
(dardik at sympatico dot ca)


Ilustradora del reyno said...

Oh, Helen. I'm very sad. Voy a participar the next time.
Un abrazo

orange you lucky! said...

Oh no! Don't be sad! There will be more giveaways!
Looks like I made 138 enemies and 1 friend... Well, I wish I had more to giveaway:)

Pat T said...

no enemies here - love your blog and your work!