Monday, January 4, 2010


Lets start the new year with a little card-o-rama. I did these for cardMIX (a UK company). They were fun to work on and there's more to show you soon. I love doing cards


carolyn Gavin said...

i love these, especially the anniversary one!
happy thoughts for the new year!

Hänni said...

Your new years card is beyond fabulous!

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

Love your cards. I especially like the zoo animals!

Miss Dee said...

Oh my gosh, the anniversary couple looks like me and my hubby! -

Crazy! I love these.

Teresa said...

I totalllly adore these!
I mean like these are the cards that I just DIE over when I come to London.
I just stay in the card sections of the department stores for like forever and ever!
And buy all kinds of cards to write during my stay and to bring home!
I have probably ooooohed and aaaawed over your cards and didn't even know it!
Sooooooo cute!
Adore your style!

Ozge Sipahioğlu said...

great work!congrulatıons dear

Geeky Geekerson said...

The couple in the cup is soo sooo funny. Maybe you could do an older couple relaxing in a tea pot :).

Your work is mesmerizing.

illustrator said...

Awesome! I really like your work. digital illustration is one of my specialty. I am also a caricature artist at

forty four said...

Hi Helen! I buy from Cardmix for my shop and have your Congratulations card which is my absolute favourite. They didn't show me the anniversary or zoo animals ones though. Are they available yet?