Thursday, January 21, 2010

deco tape dreams...

I've always wanted to create a design for a deco tape... but the opportunity just didn't come up... So... I've decided, that if the opportunity doesn't want to visit me, I'll go searching for opportunity.
So... Dear manufacturers of packaging goods and deco tape - make a girls dream come true! 
Above: Wouldn't that make an interesting deco tape?


Carolyn Gavin said...

so cute, why don't you send this to Eileen at Tapeswell...!

Holly said...

I would buy it. :) Great design! I love deco tape.

Jennifer said...

That would make the cutest deco tape and I'd have to have it!

Ivy Black said...

I love it! I'd ceratinly buy some.

By the way, I have given you a Sunshine award for your lovely blog...if you go along to my posting, all will be revealed.

Unknown said...

very nice, i hope it will be produced !
These things brighten up you're day...keep on the good work.


Verity said...

Oh cool! I would definitely buy that!

april said...

this design is so delightfully twisted! i love it! i especially like the deranged rabbit with the big claws!
i hope somebody has the good sense to manufacture this tape soon!