Monday, May 26, 2014

hedgehogs & foxes vs geese & rabbits . . .

What have I learned at Surtex this year, you ask... well, everyone is bananas over foxes & hedgehogs. I'm bananas over geese & rabbits... but I'm a girl in search of the ultimate equilibrium... thus - ta da! they all gather together in this pattern and enjoy a blooming field on a warm summer's day.


StitchCraft said...

Love the geese and rabbits as an addition to foxes and hedgies. Will we see this on fabric?

Gaia Marfurt said...

Always so cute! I get lost in it!

carolyn Gavin said...

LOVE the light background best, so cute!

lulu.x13 said...

Wow, it's very beautiful ^^

Anonymous said... there a fabric line ? If yes, where can I purchase ? If no, please approach a fabric company & begin the process of putting your designs onto fabric. It is stunning & would be a great addition.

orange you lucky! said...

I am looking for a right fit in fabric world for me... and it will come together and be just right:).
So glad you like it!

Natália said...

I'm absolutely in looooove with your patterns!! S2 You are a great artist! I love your work!
I'll use in my (new)blog's header, ok?! All the credits will be given.. you can be sure of that!

Greetings from Brazil!

orange you lucky! said...

Than you so much, Natália:).
I really appreciate all the love and your sweet words!
However, even with credit, I would prefer that my patterns weren't used in blog headers.
I hope you understand.
Thanks again!

Ryder Strong said...

Your patterns are so refreshing! It is something you would want to see early in the morning because it kinda brings out the good vibes. I like how you use light vibrant colors.

jenn goodrich said...

These are gorgeous ... reminiscent of Josef Frank. You are uber talented!

Fiona's Mom said...

Are these available in fabric?
I would LOVE to decorate with these.
I could also see a dress for my granddaughter in these vibrant happy prints.

dytudtyujdytdgh said...