Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm off.... adventuring..... 'til July:)

I've been busy packing, writing lists (so I could cross things off them and experience the satisfaction on 'task completion'), and finishing some last minute jobs. I'm leaving this weekend for my home town of Odessa, in Ukraine. I don't really know what to expect and am trying not to over-fantasize, to avoid disappointment. Right now, the most important part is not to get the stomach flu. Lola and Anais have been sick since last weekend, but got better without sharing it with the rest of us. It would be just awful if it would show it's ugly head this weekend. You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather. Enough said.
I'm really going to miss blogging. I'm going to miss reading your comments. I'm sure I'll go through internet withdrawal, but I know there's going to be a lot to share when I come back. I'm looking forward to being inspired. I'm taking my best mental attitude with me. See you soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

tea parties are fun:)

This Birthday invitation is made for a very special soon to be 5 y.o. girl named Piper. Didn't it turned out fun?! I think making invitations is one of my most favorite past times. I hope it's sunny on her birthday and  a tea party in the backyard is a  part of the celebration.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

urban hunting:)

It would be a crime against myself to go to NY and not to do some shopping. Not that I'm an advocate for consumerism, but I'd be lying is I say I don't like shopping. I see it as a type of hunting. I get really focused, I use my math skills, I go through the rolodex of outfits and objects I already own (in my head), I examine, smell, touch and evaluate. It's a very involved act. I call it - chasing the rainbow of perfection on a budget. Yes, I want it all - quality, function, simplicity, beauty, fun and hopefully it is inexpensive as well. The entire rainbow:) I spent an afternoon in SOHO.... hunting. Very few things were purchased, but I'm happy with all of them. I got coffee cup Orla Kiely wallet, adorable japanese plates from Pearl River, NY wooden play-set from MUJI and a some fun toys for the girls. Muji was the one store that I really looked forward to visiting. Translated literally as "brand-less" it's my idea of clean minimal and functional. It was a little more expensive than what I think mass-produced simple good design should be, and they didn't carry watches (their best stuff), so I was a tad disappointed. H&M was also disappointing. Their tribute to Marimekko was obviously designed for really slender and tall women. Darn:( and the quality was questionable. But enough with the downside. Overall, I had fun! My legs were buzzing, adrenaline was rushing through the veins, and even though I didn't spent too much - I got my fix and that's all that matters when the hunt is over:)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mustard peacock

I really missed making patterns, so here is one. A peacock feather. Simple. Could work as a wallpaper or a bedspread. 
I'm trying very hard to tie all the loose ends before I leave for my epic vacation, and so it's been very hard to find blog time lately. 

Monday, May 26, 2008


A few pictures from the ICFF show! I spent  almost a whole day browsing the furniture show labyrinth. It was visually over-stimulating and at times I thought if I was a buyer (owner of a furniture store), I would have hard time focusing. I just looked at it from a consumer perspective: "would I buy this for my house?". I wouldn't lie, there were a lot of pretentious pieces that don't stand a chance in real functional world and would only be accessible to the top 1% . But, I looked at these as museum pieces:) Eye candy has it's definite place in a world.
Here are some things I'd like for myself:
• Milk gone bad night lamp from Bombo land! Check out this awesome illustration portfolio of Maurizio Santucci (artist behind this lamps) on
• The ceramic Wellington boots just made me laugh. They look super neat, but they wouldn't survive a day at my house:) Made by Czech company Qubus. They could serve the purpose of a vase or just stand alone as a sculpture.
• I don't know how practical the sheep rocker could be (I invision jam in it right away) but it sure looked cute! They made by CC12. They had a ton of other interesting objects at their booth.
• I loved the colorful  OFFECCT booth. That stripy lamp would feel right at home in my bedroom:)
BrentComber coffee table (wood sculpture) has caught my eye right away! I want to know exactly how it's made. Neat!
IANNONE eco-friendly modern design booth stood out with their unique cork inlay design. Just beautiful!
OryZa furniture. Ah! Playroom material! Too bad they don't have a website (I find that strange). These fiberglass tables and stools are total candy! I love Japanese design:)
There were so many interesting things, but Grace from D*Sponge did such ace job on covering the show that it would be redundant to go on.

Friday, May 23, 2008

a glimpse into the stationery show...

The Stationery Show was massive this year! You just wouldn't belive how vastly huge it was. Thanks to my trusty super comfy 'hush puppies' I wasn't crawling home after all that walking. There's not enough time to discuss even a quarter of the fab paper goods that I've spotted at the show, but I will at least glide through the visible trends:
Environmentally friendly products (finally) seem to be all the rage. Recycled paper goods and off white notebooks are setting the trend. The Ecojot booths were a prime example of  'not made in china'  affordable 100% recycled goodness.
Wood! There were so many interesting products that replaced paper with wood this year. Night Owl Paper Goods had a great variety of wooden postcards to offer that look unique (the wood grain is different from card to card) and would make a beautiful keepsake. At the front of their booth I spotted this beautiful crewel on burlap that made me want to go embroider something immediately.
Letterpress! Yeah, it's Letterpress time all the way! The best examples of beautifully done letterpress cards were Hello Lucky and ILEE custom invitations. I spotted a lot of Julia Rothman beautiful wrapping paper at the Hello Lucky booth and have already made plans with it in mind.
Felted goods! Last year I can't recall any, but this time there were felted balls, felted keychains, pens, even a measuring tape. I like where this is going. Adorable!
Well, I must get back to work. I hope this windy post didn't keep you from what's important. I will leave you with this little unrelated tit-bit: on Tuesday I went out with the fabulous Carolyn Gavin from Ecojot and afterwards we dropped by Ricky's convenience store on the way back to the hotel. Kurt Russell just happened to stop by the same place at the same time! I've finally seen somebody famous! We giggled and whispered like 2 school girls and I think that must have made him leave. No regrets though:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am definitely going to brag. Oh Yes! Last Saturday I had the pleasure of dining with some fabulous people! My illustration heroes: Amy Ruppel, Jill Bliss, Lisa DeJohn and Suzy Ultman! All super fun ladies!
Also, I spent some good times with Linda Ketelhut! Thanks Linda for showing me the city:)
Ah, and I got to meet Mike Lowery! He's as sweet as he looks! Lucky me! 

Best Trip EVER!

I don't know where to start, where to begin... What an adventure! I came back full of inspiration, pride for my studio and  new found confidence in my sense of direction (didn't get lost once). This year was not at all like last year. I didn't have to be at the booth all the time and I spent a lot of time browsing the Stationery Show and the ICFF. Not to mention New York streets...
Our (Lilla Rogers Studio) 3 booths were particularly fabulous this year! They were always busy and I barely got to talk to my agents (see - working girls above). There's no doubt in my mind they did phenomenally on my behalf! A million Thanks to: Lilla Rogers(1), Ashley Lorenz(2), Susan Farrington(3), Julia Parker(4) and Susan McCabe(5)!!! You girls were just SUPER!
I have so much more to show and tell... so... to be continued:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

New print available on Monday:)

Last post before I catch my plane. Must remember to bring my head. I always forget at least one thing, and it usually is something painfully obvious. Thank you so much for all the well wishing! I really appreciate it!
One of the most exiting things about Surtex for me is that I would get to see all sorts of people I only spoke on the phone to or through e-mail. It's like having a bunch of blind dates (a ted stressful, but the curiosity is killing me). Also, the Stationery show and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair are running at the same time, and I can't wait to check it out! The ICFF kept me on the verge of tears last year (so many things that I want and most likely can't have). I'm certain, there's going to be no shortage of inspiration. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can and report back on the 22nd of May with some amazingly fun finds:)!
In a mean time, my new print is going to be available on Monkey Powered on Monday! It's all about taking the moment to smell the flowers. I've been in go go go mode for so long - I need to stop and smell the lilacs! I hope - everything is coming up helen this weekend:) See you soon!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

new pattern:)

Just finished this blooming floral pattern. Too bad it's not going to make it to Surtex with me. I don't have any plan for this pattern, but I think it's got a textile future. Flowers are not going out of style anytime soon:)
I'm finishing up some loose ends and packing for the rest of the day.  So excited about going to NYC! If you have a favorite restaurant in Manhattan and don't mind sharing that info - I'm all ears:)  I want to try something new and interesting!

New website for LRS!

Lilla Rogers Studio (that just happens to represents me ever so well) has a nice new website! I say - Yeah! Looking good! Thanks to 'ALSO' for such great job! I also am proud to be in such good company! Plus, guess who has joined the studio? Matte Stephens! I'm a big fan. Good news all around, as you could see:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new painting:)

Finished a little painting today. This one was especially requested for a little girls birthday. How is this for a lovely idea: to give a painting (by a different artist) every year to your child on their birthday! This little girl is going to live in an art gallery by the time she's 10:) Neat, ha!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

getting ready for Surtex...

Wednesday already?! No... I'd like to purchase some more time...Please:)
Saturday morning I'm leaving to New York for Surtex. So much to do, so much to see...I'm dizzy with anticipation! Spent the day getting things together for the show. I put 48 of my favorite prints into shiny sleeves. Many thanks to Rigel from Monkey Powered for  doing such awesome job on printing! There's nothing like seeing your work printed. It made me so happy! I want to do more, more, more... Do I really need to sleep and eat?:)
Pardon the flash photography. It's hard to find daylight this close to midnight.

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day weekend:)

What an action packed weekend this was. I tried to squeeze as much mother daughter fun in between the work as I could. Usually on mom's day I take my mom and my sister out, but neither could make it this time, so I took Lola and Margo to our favorite sushi restaurant and it was great! They  actually behaved like mini adults and were extra good to me:) Of course, a promise to visit a toy store afterwards was made (and we did not leave empty handed). Such a good day:)
Top pic: mother's day presents and Anais. Bottom pic: Lola and Margo on Friday after school in-front of our house.

giveaway winner...

#18 Georgie Love (chosen by Lola who can't read yet, but could count very well) is the winner of the Sane Fitness Preggers giveaway! Thank you so much for playing! I really enjoyed reading your comments!
* If you are interested you could obtain a copy of  this fitness kit through plain white press.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hooray for MaMas!!!
May all the hard work pay back today in kisses and hugs! 
(I know, I'm pretty corny, but that's just how I roll on mothers day!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

from MoMa with love...

I can't believe how fast they came. I just ordered them... and here they are... not too hard, not too soft - just right:) The Goldielocks in the middle chair is played by Anais. She spent most of the afternoon pushing them around and climbing up and down. My kids think that furniture is just fort material, waiting for some action. Anyhow, I'm happy with these new fort pieces. Now I'm on the lookout for a round kid table that would be complementary. It's all about the hunt!

fun find:)

I had a ton of fun browsing through sarit shani hay (design studio based in Tel Aviv) site. I love their fresh approach to interior and the playfulness of it all:) Who doesn't want a whale in their living room? Oh, and the mushroom stools... honestly, kid heaven! I got to find a way to get these 'face' pillows into my house. Such fun:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Got my sane fitness preggers kits yesterday in the mail! They look great! I'm sharing the goodness with this random 'just because' giveaway!  If you are preggers, know anyone who is or planning on being one day... this could be for you!
Or, If multiplying isn't your cup of tea, you could choose the sane fitness Quick Start kit instead. I know I'm in serious need of some exercise and I'm sure I'm not alone. So... enter! Leave me a comment (not anonymously pls) before Sunday 12:00am and I will let you know on Monday who the winner is:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

vynil fun:)

How fun are these wall design?! If I had a bigger kitchen with actual wall space I would definitely put some apples on the wall. Instant cheer:) And, the animals with candles make such great birthday decor - who needs balloons. These and many more fun vynil creations could be found on Domestic. They also have neat cutout mirrors. I say, if you don't take your interior too seriously, this could be just the thing for you:)

tag, you're it...:)

I've been tagged by Pip (from MeetMeatMikes), so, here it goes...
1. Can't live a single day without doodling or doing something creative:)
2. I could (and do) eat half a watermelon in one seating. Especially if I'm watching a movie. Popcorn is for champs (ha ha), watermelon is where it's at!
3. I hate camping. Mostly because mosquitos find me irresistible and I come back looking like a plague victim.
4. The only sport I'm good at is mini-golf. 
5. I named my kids after my favorite characters (from  movies and real life).
6. I still can't believe I made 3 other humans. As far as I'm concern - it's magic!
I tag everybody! Let me know if you're game and I will check it out!'re it:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today, I'm double the aunt I was yesterday! I just came back from the hospital where I had the pleasure to meet Xavier, or Mr.X (that's what I'm going to call him). This brand new little dude (who is going to call me aunty Helen:)  and my sis are doing fine:) Hooray for the new life! Hooray for this amazing ability to make tiny little individuals! Hooray for modern medicine!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, today I've decided, what the heck, we only live once, I'm buying the Pantone chairs for the girls! These lime ones are on sale at MoMa and I just couldn't help myself. Lil splurge:) I'm sure the girls are going to love them (as you could see I'm already picturing it)! Now I just need to get the adult versions and we would be all set. One of these days...:)

new pattern:)

This pattern was inspired by the 1960s Arabia jam jar I've spotted on Meet Me at Mikes blog a few days ago. I just couldn't get those plums out of my head. I found the jar on eBay, but couldn't justify the expense. So, I just made up my own little Arabia design. I think it might look good on kitchen tiles and plates too:)

Friday, May 2, 2008

you'll be charmed...I'm sure:)

If you like embroidery and you have a sense of humor you might enjoy this little charming online atelier Locher's. Very naughty and chickie. I giggled looking through all the beautiful and innocent at first glance tops and accessories. These would certainly get one noticed.

fun ceramics:)

A little roundup of fun ceramic goodness this Friday! I went on a little virtual shopping spree trying to find something for the most difficult person to buy present for - my Mom! She's an interior designer, an esthete and very particular. I think I figured it out and I know what she likes ... yet I'm almost always just a bit off. It doesn't help that the mothers day and her birthday are a few days apart. So far, I'm between the two lamps. Ahhh... Beautiful lamps.