Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new print:)

I'm working on something so incredibly fun... but I can tell or show... It's torture. All I could say is that it's for lil' kids:) I'll bottle that excitement to open up later. Must be patient...
On  the bright side, I have a new print available on Monkey Powered. I really like it! It's really fun!
-'Mmmm, coffee!' - says the owl - 'Nothing like a bit of expresso at 9:00 in the moring...'
-'Indeed!' - says  the girl - 'indeed.'
Well, back to work with me...

vintage french posters...

Came accross these adorable vintage french ads here. Had to share. Enjoy!

scary cute:)

A few years ago, I made this pleather toy (Almando) for my friends Al & Amanda as a wedding present (with me you hardly ever get crystal, ha ha:). Time has passed, they had a baby and these are the pictures they've sent me of the little dude with Almando. Looks like they are going to be friends:)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

new pattern:)

A new pattern today! I wanted to do something that would have a folk flare to it and here is what came out. I've made the more complex pattern first, and then used some of the elements for the simpler version (which I now prefer). And, turned into  a silhouette, the first version could make a neat wallpaper or an inside of a book cover.
Somewhere there's a blank fabric waiting for this 'modern folk' design. 

Friday, April 25, 2008

my work space:)

Thanks to lovely Jan from PoppyTalk (who was guest blogging on Design*Sponge this week) I had a bit of my work space shown on Design*Sponge. Here is my workspace you didn't get to see. Before I took this pictures I had no idea how I feel about bunnies....but now I see that they are everywhere in my house. I don't even know how that happened. Doesn't this place looks like I'm a kid with a job? 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

new print:)

I've got a new print available on MonkeyPowered on Etsy. Ta da! Hope today brings you happiness and fun!


Hooray for flickr! I found these neat vintage matchboxes here and had to share it. Lighters just can't hold a candle to these charming little containers. I wish I had a gas stove, so I could display them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cuban posters...

I'm loving these Cuban posters I found on cubanposterart blog.  Such vibrant colours! They really make me want to do some gouache work.  Very inspiring.
I have to set all the personal projects aside and do some actual work today (even though I'm feeling under the the weather and it's promising to be a slow day). On the bright side, it's gorgeous weather out here and the birds are singing outside my office window!

Monday, April 21, 2008

new pattern:)

It's been such beautiful weather here all weekend, I am contemplating moving the office to the back yard (that only works in theory). It was so lively (as if the whole neighborhood  woke up from the winter sleep) it made it almost impossible to work with all the fun going on outside. Lola got a new 16' bike with no training wheels and taught herself how to in 5 min. I couldn't believe it! Went inside to get the camera to document the process, stepped out with the camera....she's zooming back and forth. Fun!
This is my new 'ode to summer' pattern. I don't have any ideas for it yet. What do you think it could be good for?

giveaway winner...

The winner of the 100th post giveaway is (randomly chosen) #44 - bettyninja (please e-mail me with your address).
Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments! Here's to 100 more posts!

Friday, April 18, 2008

sushi on my mind:)

This weekend is promising to be packed with work....but....I am going out for sushi on Saturday and am looking forward to it already! Sushi is so beautiful and delicious at the same time! Mmmm....
I wish you all a great weekend! See you Monday:)

Top of the Morning!

If you have done 6 impossible things this morning, why not round it up with 'breakfast with Mr Toast'! One day I would start acting my age, but for now I'll keep being amused by things like Mr Toast in a doll house kitchen. I found this at LALAaGOGO website. It's full of mod fun. 
On another note, I've just completed my banners for Surtex08 and I'm really itching to share them with you, but I guess I would have to wait until the show. Only 1 month left and I'm super exited. I think the banners turned out great. Just can't wait! I'm walking around, singing: 'start spreading the news....I'm coming today....New York, New York....ha ha:)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

container for your...

Ask and you will receive. Here is  a little roundup of lunch bags/boxes for the kid in you and your kid. 
1.  Bento Box from Plastica. If only I didn't work from home I would be all over that colorful little number.
4. Pingu Lunch bag from thinpinkblue2. Pingu is awesome - that's all there's to it.
5. Built in NY Munchlers Insulated Lung Bag found on Wrapables (they also have a pink panda and a dog).
6. Cheeky Monster Takeaway Poche from LittleOddForrest on Etsy. That store's got a lot of fun bags.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

random fun find:)

Here are some random fun things that I came across while procrastinating: 
I found these square stamp like stickers on Three Potato Four. Love em'!
Pink Milk has a new Charlie & Lola mug. I have a few - and they are my favorite and my best:)
The funky fruit stickers are from SHANALOGIC (and you can also find them on Etsy) illustrated by Marilyn Patrizio. Yummy!!!
Area Thrifty One Etsy store has an army of adorable plushies and I absolutely love these pins!
 Found these colorful decals at studio NOMMO. They have so many neat wallpapers and decals! That would make any child's room fun:)

fun embroidery:)

I love it when craft becomes a bit of an art and art becomes a bit of a craft. I could see that embroidery is starting to get some street credit. I found these (and many more) embroidery projects on Megan Whitmarsh  site. I like her funky ape man in mushroom land. Very fun!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new pattern:)

Owls, these are apples... Apples, these are owls... Together you could be a super pattern! Well, now, that we are past introductions, tell me, do you prefer to be minty green or do you fancy the earthy tones... ha ha:)
This is my new pattern. I think the mint and pink combo would be good for the kitchen (dish towels), orange and greenish/brownish beige would be good for wallpaper and the rest could apply for a job as a wrapping paper:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

100th Post GIVEAWAY!

This happened a little too fast for me... 100 posts! no way! To celebrate I've teamed up with MonkeyPowered (on Etsy) to bring you this fun print giveaway. All you have to do to win is leave a comment (not anonymously please). Giveaway would close on Sunday, April 20th @ 12:00am.
It's very exiting! I now have 2 prints available on Etsy (Look at the Bright Side & MaMa) just in time for mothers day! Plus, they are in good company. I really like work by MonkeyPowered (especially Mr. Fuzz).

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, it's actually snowing a little on my birthday (in April!), but I don't mind. I don't feel any older. I sure am starting to look like my mom in the late 70th though:) All and all, it's going to be a good day! I'm going to try and squeeze in some fun in between work. Hopefully find a babysitter for tonight and have a little downtown gin & tonic adventure:) 
P.S.: I made that felt happy birthday banner for Margo's last birthday. Maybe, if I find some time, I'll do a little tutorial on it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I heart ceramics:)

I found all these beautiful ceramics on BITOSSI - Italian company specializing in limited edition artistic ceramics. I had a blast looking through their catalogue. Also, I had no idea Karim Rashid (I'm a huge fan) had a ceramic collection. So Wonderful! I'm still drooling a little...

Such Luck!

Cannot believe my luck this week! 2 giveaway wins in one week! I'm really living up to 'one lucky helen' name! I've won a purse from vintage fern Etsy store  (via vintage fern blog). I almost feel bad about winning twice in a row, but who could say no to a pretty purse! I've got to 'give back' by doing some giveaways myself (coming soon).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

KLUTZ-my top 5 book!

I spent a month last summer working on this book and it's finally out! I got my samples today! Yeah! The book is called My All Time Top 5. It's for 8-12 y. o. girls who like making lists. There are 5 illustrators featured in this book. Each got 10 pages (mine are p.37- 46). I really liked working on this project. At one point  I had to replace Samuel L. Jackson with Will Smith and that was a bummer ('cause I really liked my S.L.Jackson). I'm really pleased with the way the book turned out.

sane fitness* preggers

Sane Fitness* Preggers kit (plain white press) is finally out! It's all about a safe way to continue exercising with weights throughout your entire pregnancy. I illustrated the cover and made a dottie pattern for the back of the cards. I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!