Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the happy mag for kids:)

Got my copy of ANORAK last week! Such fun! Worth sharing! Really cool illustrations and a ton of fun facts. Girls love it:)
Hope I get to work with them one day.


carolyn Gavin said...

this looks great. how did you order it + do you think it appeals to a 7 year old Canadian Girl?
i guess it must be relevant as your's look entranced!

Eva said...

Hi Helen, today I posted the knitting pattern your work inspired me too. Well, I'm a little limitd to my stitches and colours, but it was fun to do. Without looking at your wonderful patterns I never would have tried to do an allover pattern like this. (The cat and mice pattern was my second try at it...:)
Anyway, it's nowhere near your awesome work, but still I enjoy it.
So thank you for that. And sorry for writing this on your blog, but I couldn't find your email adress.

the argyle academy said...

Helen! Where did you get these? I've been looking for them everywhere around me. Their site says they're available at Barnes and Nobel but none of the ones here have them! ALSO, I really love your Camille McPhee cover.

cathy said...

Thank you for your post and comment, we are very HAPPY!!

You can get Anorak from our site, if that's easier.
Click here:

Thank you thank you!

Cathy Anorak