Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the turkish way...

Hello. My name is Helen, and I'm a coffeeholic. I like coffee in every way. The stronger, the better, of course. (Meeting adjourned).
I bought this little turkish coffee pot a little while ago and I was itching to try it! I've seen my parents make it when I was a kid, so I asked my dad to show me. Here's the turkish coffee tutorial (according to my dad):
1. Grind your beans (the finer the better).
2. Put 3 hipping table spoons (of ground coffee) into the turkish pot (mine is about 3,25" tall).
3. Add 2 tea spoons of sugar.
4. Fill the pot with water, leaving about an inch, inch and a half of space at the top.
5. Put it on the burner and wait for it to boil.
6. When it boils... promptly take it off the burner, letting the foam to settle down.
7. When the foam settled down, put it back on the burner, and then take it off again (several times).
8. Now that it's done, let it sit for a few minutes - allowing the grinds to sink to the bottom.
Pour into cups. Enjoy. Don't forget to turn the cup over  into your saucer when you are done drinking - for a little fortune telling!


Joe Girl said...

Woooowie - sounds THICK!
I am not a coffee drinker, typically. I do however love the fragrance as it fills a room.

I adore how you embellish even the simplest photograph. You are somethin' special, Miss Helen!

carolyn Gavin said...

i LOVE turkish coffee and remember having it on the kibbutz where i was a volunteer for a while.
YUM! i can only handle 1 a day though. right now i do a mix of expresso with regular beanz. wonder what to call this...?

Iona said...

Add a couple of crushed cardamom pods and it's amazing. Caffeine addict as well, but if I'm doing the turkish coffee thing it has to be early in the day!

mollie said...

aaah, this is so good. my friend has one and i love sitting there CHEWING my coffee when i'm at her house. i must remember to pick one up! they're really inexpensive . . .

thanks for the directions!

Heather Moore said...

aw, now my cup of tea just won't do. I'll have to brew up a cup of coffee!

Eva said...

Ohh...that's exactly the way my (ex-)father in law showed me... looks like turkish coffee is real serious business, since it's a mens thing....;)
LG Eva - sipping on her third morning coffee (handbrewn, of course...:)

Cicada Studio said...

That's one serious cuppa. Sadly, when I was in Turkey for a quick trip to some mills, all they ever served was instant coffee! I never got the real deal. I was pretty bummed.

the camp said...

oh i love this...i will have to try this for my brothers. they
love strong coffee!

happy thursday.

Anonymous said...

I'm a coffee lover too, but I want to tell you somethnig wonderful work, It's my first visit I'll be back!!!

kırmızı kemik said...

hey! as a Turkish 25 year old girl,I got excited when I read your post:)
everything's right about your post:) but we prefer more little cups to drink cause it's a hard type of coffee you know.
people start drinking turkish coffee after the age of 35:)) my mum likes it a lot and for 10 years,everyday,3 times a day I made turkish coffee for her:)

and a little note:
when a couple is going to get married, the boys family goes to want the girl from her family in their home. And the girl makes turkish coffee for everyone. and put some salt in the guys cup. If the guy doesn't say anything and drinks your coffee, then it means that he really wants you:) and the guys parents look if you can make the coffees with perfect foam, it shows if you will be a good housewife or not! :))


orange you lucky! said...

Thanks, Kirmizi!
These are my smallest coffee cups (besides expresso ones), but I'll be on a lookout for authentic turkish ones.
I really enjoyed reading about the testing of the groom tradition.
Also, I love the foam that comes up when the water boils. I think it's beautiful.

Natalie said...

I've recently become a lover of Turkish coffee myself and after drinking it for a while now I actually don't find it as strong as regular espresso, especially with the crushed cardamon...mmmm! The only way to drink it I say.

I also love your cute coffee pot. Is it available online at all??