Monday, September 15, 2008


I've been tagged by the wonderful Adri from Mielie peeps! to reveal the contents of my bag.
This  gave me a chance to get rid of the mystery crumbs and unnecessary receipts. Hooray for that!
Here are 12 things I shook out of my fun pop corn bag:
1. My favorite wallet (I love coffee and Orla Kiely)
2. Ecojot sketchbook (in case I have an idea on the go that needs to be sketched out)
3. Keys  4. Pen (a must)  5. My tiny bebe watch (I'm too lazy to put it on in the morning)
6. A little wrist pouch (from Skipping Girl) I carry some occasionally needed papers in.
7. Floss  8. tic tac (just in case)
9. Mr. Lunch address book (I still find it handier to have an address book rather than typing people into the cell)
10. Sunglasses (prescription and I've had these for 11years.... it's getting sad, but I just can't part)
11. Cell phone 12. Lip balm
Organizing the bag always makes me think of the scene from 'Amelie' (where one of her mothers 'likes' is reorganizing the purse).
Oh... I almost forgot.. I tag Carolyn Gavin (designer jots) ... you are it:)


Sarah :) said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE your popcorn bag!!! Did you make it? If not, I must know where you picked that up.

Love your blog, by the way!

carolyn Gavin said...

oh gosh, i'll have to do it tomorrow. such a fun idea... + of course the contents are fascinating. a little insight into your personality!

read me... said...

what a cheerful collection! i am not suprised... orla kiely & mr lunch... too cute!

Heather Moore said...

Yay! I like this bag tag thing - lots of fun.

mayaluna said...

Helen, Even your bag contents screams joyful and fun, let alone that great bag!

orange you lucky! said...

Sara, the pop corn bag I got from Makool loves you online store (it's by italian designer (Babbu)).
They don't sell them anymore:(
It was love at first sight with this bag.

Anisa said...

I love your little pouch girl!
She looks like the boyfriend of the popcorn eating bag boy!
I'm glad you love your purse!