Friday, October 10, 2008

canadian thanksgiving:)

To all the Canadians: happy and delicious thanksgiving weekend!
I  am abuzz with preparations for a little family feast. It should be fun:)
Above: A thanksgiving card I made (could be found here), and a prototype dish/napkin set.


carolyn Gavin said...

Happy happy weekend. enjoy your feast!
love these little toasty, yummy characters.

Luphia said...

the dish set looks great!

hollysarah said...

and a happy thanksgiving to you too Helen! Have a lovely feast!
I love the first card design!

Mary Gondola said...

Oh! I *so* want that dish set to be real, so I could have one and eat happy foods from it!

*mindi* said...

love the little foody characters :)

if that dish set becomes a reality, please e-mail me immediately. ;)

tangarang said...

Finally, finally cute, well-designed Thanksgiving goodness! You are brilliant!