Monday, October 6, 2008

H is for Halloween...

Watched the awesome Tim Burton film "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with the girls last night. It really got me into the Halloween mood:) Soon, I'll get to put the pirate flag in front of my 'castle' and fill the secret places with candy! Yeah!  
I came to Canada when I was 16... so I missed out on all the sweet gloomy fun as a kid. No worries, I'm making up for it! I'm not taking it nearly as seriously as some of my neighbors, tho.
These are some of the Halloween cards I've done in previous years. The top one could be found here:)


Gaia Marfurt said...

Hello, Hellen! I'm Gaia from Italy! I like your patterns and your illustrations! These ones for Halloween are really super!
I'm an illustrator too, with two little boys and a little girl...and we always watch the dvd of Tim Burton at Halloween time! Halloween is not in our italian tradition...but Nightmare before Christmas is a tradition of my family! :D

carolyn Gavin said...

Great illustrations... i never grew up with Halloween either, so i've never been able to wrap my head around it completely. You've done a great job. Just love the images... bandaged guy, wicked cat, spiders etc.

Nina said...

Super, super CUTE!! Love that little gremlins-looking cat ;)

Vicki said...

I love Halloween too, but in England it's always just been a novelty tat fest, no-one does anything nice :( It's seen as a bit of a money-grabbing fictitious holiday. I think it's starting to change though, it's too much fun not to. Everyone loves a bit of darkness don't they - just look at fairy tales! I like the gremlin-chihauha :)

Patti-atti said...

I love these so much! Way too excited for Hallowe'en this year, it's crazyness!

Your patterns and cards are a dream come true! Love, love, love them!