Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a fine day for painting...

It's cold and miserable outside. It's been raining... and raining. Perfect day to do some painting in a basement. Some music, some coffee. Mmmm...
That's my color palette ... not a painting. Although... it could be:)
I'll post a sneak pic of what comes out tomorrow:)


Isabell's Umbrella said...


I have admired your work for so long, that I was so excited to have found your blog.

I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing illustrator!

Best Wishes,

Gaia Marfurt said...

I would like to know how do you use illustrator...do you make a sketch with pencil...then inkpen...then scanner...finally in illustrator (changing the sketch in a vectorial drawing)...or do you draw directly with illustrator? Have you maybe a graphic...tablet? (I'm sorry for my catastrofic english! :P )
Gaia in Italy

Heather Moore said...

Looking forward to the results. And suddenly I want a blackboard in my studio!

orange you lucky! said...

Dear Gala,
I almost never sketch. I get an idea and I go directly into an illustrator file with it. I draw with a regular mac mouse. I don't own a tablet. I mainly use the pencil tool in illustrator.

kris said...

It's rainy and grey here,also,but your colours illustration always cheers me up!
p.s.Huge thanks for adding me to your blogroll

the camp said...

sunny and cold in middle indiana.
loving all your new work.
it all makes me happy.