Wednesday, August 20, 2008

fun prints on Etsy...

Maybe you've seen these two print stores on Etsy, or maybe you didn't... in any case - they are great!
Hsinping Pan is one of my new favorite illustrators (check that awesome portfolio here) and now she has a store on Etsy.
Amanda Kindregan has been amusing me with her awesome artwork for a while now. I love her gouache creations. The girl with the rats nest on her head (refusing to brush) is exactly what my Lola looks and acts like every morning.


Carolyn Gavin said...

had a look at Hsin Ping Pan's work. omygosh! just amazing! i looked at all the animation... sooo beautiful and whymsical! i must show lily.
thanx for finding such lovely work.

orange you lucky! said...

I know, I know! Love her animation! I'm sure we'll see a lot more of her...

hsinping pan said...

Hi, Hellen,
Thanks for the post!
I was so surprised because I saw your works before and really love them! :)

and Carolyn,thanks!
I am glad that you enjoy my website!