Saturday, January 25, 2014

vacation time ! ! !

All packed and ready to go. One more day of snow and ice left... before I get to see the sand and the sun again! We only see each other once a year - but ours is a glorious friendship. The sand doesn't mind my uber white body (the illustration is where the wishful thinking comes in) reading on it. I don't mind it getting into places from which sand might not return:). Girls are also beside themselves with anticipation. We all need some cold and snow free family time.  
I'll see you all mid February... hopefully, all full of vitamin D and the will to illustrate tirelessly for the rest of the year.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Lucky! Hope you all have a great time... I will be here in the snow and ice still, dreaming of palm trees. :)

Kate said...

Ha! I love this posting---the image and the writing! And so happy you get a respite from the freezing cold.Cheers, K

Unknown said...

have a lovely break, you deserve it!!

Jenn Ski said...

hope it was awesome, i'm still waiting for mine.