Thursday, June 12, 2014

NY moments . . .

I procrastinate a lot. I should have blogged these right after I came back from New York... and shared all my New York moments with you back in May... and now it's second week of June and I am late... but not a giver upper. Here are some things that made me love NY a bit more this time:
Japanese men smoking skinny 5 inch cigarettes outside 'spa for men only'.
 (possibly crazy) homeless man on 5th Ave telling me 'Girl, you're crazy!'... when I was trying to open a door that was obviously locked.
 Bleach blond lady tanned to a crisp (resembling a negative) making a young black man do a double take:)
 Public urination by a woman wearing a long skirt (that's right... that happened).
 A young man telling me 'careful, these shoes cost  $300' when I accidentally bumped into him on a very busy street.

Pictures above: 
a. Carolyn Gavin on High Line, resting a minute during our beautiful walk.
b. the cover of my Blurb Book for Surtex this year
c. me, Elizabeth Olwen and Michelle Bencsko (Cloud9) - fun meeting at the show:).


Anonymous said...

Hahaaahaha HELEN you make me laugh, these cracked me up! Sooooooooooo nice hanging out with you. One of my trip highlights for sure. Hope we can do it again soon! xoxo!

orange you lucky! said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I hope so too:)

CAROlyn Gavin said...

miss you much my dear! lovely memories. xxx C

tracie c. said...

i did a laugh out loud on that one! nyc is one crazy fabulous place!

heather moore said...

Wow! Can completely understand that lady in the long skirt. There are NO public loos in NYC!

Wish I woz there too. xox

orange you lucky! said...

Wish you were there, Heather:)!

Rachel D/BadRedRae/momrules2 said...

I think you summed up NYC in the telling of those encounters!