Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have you ever got something for you kids that you just love way too much to let them play with it. Ok... Ok... Maybe it's just me. I got these vintage japanese vocabulary blocks (here) , and like a kid, I have trouble sharing. I find it hilarious that the clown has a cigarette:) A sign that they must be from the 60th. Plus, I think the girl with the coffee is me:)
Anyway... the clock says 12:15... time to put the coffee down and get to work:)


carolyn Gavin said...

They are way too cute! she IS you!

melancholy donut said...

just to let you know it says that the girl is drinking water. :D coffee WOULD be better, tho

Anonymous said...

Isn´t the "cigarette" the poor clown´s arm?! Thank´s for a very charming blog, Helen!

orange you lucky! said...

Water...ha:) Well, that's OK:) I'm waiting for the babel fish to hit the market, so I wouldn't have to learn japanese:)
Thanks for letting me know:)
and... I'm really not sure about the clown now...

nororu said...

Oh! Your so lucky to have found these! I'm studying Japanese just simply melted when I saw the wooden blocks!

olivelse said...

Oh! It's so lovely!! I love it! :-)

myra said...

What a treasure. BTW the wording on the clown is "nurie" which means to color.

In care you were wondering about the rest: from left to right, top to bottom:

hiyoko - chick
isu - chair
yukidaruma - snowman
chocho - butterfly
lemon - lemon
tsukue - desk
yakan - teapot
koma - top (the toy top)
machi - matches
kasa - umbrella
lion - lion
kirin - giraffe
saru - monkey
nurie - to color
ningyo - doll
momo - peach
kujira - whale
tokei - clock
ringo - apple
keito - yarn/string
mikan - orange
hebi - snake
mizu o nomu - drink water
nabe - pot
tamago - egg

yuko said...

I think the cigarette of the clown is the yellow crayon to colore the bow.
anyway, lovely Japanese letter blocks!

Heather Moore said...

I like neat little paintings on wood too, and these are adorable. Great to see the translations too!

orange you lucky! said...

Thanks, Myra, for the translation! Love this! The lion is still a lion:)
And, Yuko, I see that that's a crayon now. Makes sense:) Of course it's about coloring! Thanks!!! h:)

read me... said...

i wouldn't want to share this either... it's really a wonderful find. i'm off to japan next week... can't wait!!