Thursday, November 6, 2008

captains journal...)

A densely packed day today. Margo turned 5! Half a decade. She got what she wished for - a unicorn hobby horse (I can't control everything:).... posing with it before her ballet practice.
I got a much needed hair cut. Feeling a pound lighter...yeah!
The living room got a new painting (pardon the flash photography... I don't know why this couldn't wait 'til the morning).


the camp said...

happy day miss margo!

carolyn Gavin said...

Wishing Margo a very Happy birthday with lots of cake + specialness! love C+L

RaShell said...

Happy B-day to the Unicorn Rider :)

Teuto-Elfen said...

Also from me: Happy Birthday to Margo.

Sweet Regards Michaela

Keet said...

May you and your family and most especially your daughter enjoy many happy, healthy, pink-fluffy-unicorny returns to the day!

The painting looks FABULOUS.

wollixundstoffix said...

Happy Birthday!
And what a wonderful picture.
greetings from monika

orange you lucky! said...

Many Thanks for all the warm wishes!

Natascha said...

Congratulations to Margo! This painting looks great in the living room.