Wednesday, November 5, 2008

promo card (3 amigos:)

What's in the mail today? I'll tell you what's in the mail today.... my promo card! This year, I'm sharing it with 2 awesome artists: Mike Lowery and Matte Stephens.
There's a little printing glitch on my part (which really bugs me, but I'll survive) on the girls left eye.
I did this 6th Birthday card for Woodmansterne (Uk).


Kelly Medina said...

Gah, I hate those little glitches that leap out at me too, but usually not to anyone else.

This looks great!

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Bonjour Helen! I have been checking your blog for the past week and gotta say I LOVE your art! Both my husband and I are illustators turned full-time indie artists. He is now a recycled metal sculptor and I go more in the folk art painting style. Please, please, please, would it be possible to get a copy of this promo? I love your bike illustration on the pink background, just so great! Please come ove my blog and visit when you have a minute at Have a great week! LuLu

Jenn Ski said...

I got mine a few days ago, It's pinned up to my wall!

Monica Lee said...

Hi Helen, super cute postcard and I love the electric prints...but I had to comment on your SNOW!!!! I thought New Englanders had it bad, yikes! You all are tough!

Carolyn Gavin said...

just noticed the printing glitch. honestly didn't see it before that. looks great!

Natascha Rosenberg said...

yes! hooray!!
I love your promo card.