Wednesday, November 19, 2008

stay warm!

It's Minus 8Cº and snowing...
Most of my life, so far, was spent (what I call) dangerously close to the arctic circle (excluding the 3.5 toasty years I've spent in Israel). I don't know how it happened. I wish I could just hibernate through the winter months (and wake up skinny, happy and well rested in the spring). Since that really isn't an option at the moment, the next best thing is staying warm inside and creating cheerful holiday cards:) 
If you'd like to use some of these they are available here:)


kris said...

I won't complain about +4°C anymore,beautiful cards!

hollysarah said...

Hi Helen,
I blogged about you today! :)
I'm doing a mini series type thing where I'm featuring my top 10 favorite artists right now, one a day. Today it was you! Just thought I'd let you know.