Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm back. The trip went incredibly well. No tantrums, no 'are we there yet', no unnecessary tears or disappointments on kids front. Eight hours in the car - and nothing major. 
The main reason for the reunion was the passing of my husband's grandfather  - who has managed to make it to 104! One hundred and four! Seriously. 
We've gathered to celebrate his life and (not that I've been to many, but...) it was a perfect memorial service. Anais set through it all like a real trouper (even though at barely 3 y. o. she had no clue what's going on).
Oh... and we also spent a day in Marineland. That was a real treat! I did all the kiddie rides.... since I'm a big scardie cat. Girls had a blast on the mini roller-coaster. I wish I wasn't so busy having fun... and took some pictures. 


Silke Powers said...

Your photos crack me up! I love the olive faces... Glad all went well on your roadtrip! 104! That really makes the memorial a celebration, doesn't it? Wow! :) Silke

Carolyn Gavin said...

WOW! 104 - that's amazing!
sooo glad it was successful and you're home.

Fresh Fish Creative said...

Those olives crack me up, hilarious!

Heather Moore said...

That's an amazing old age - hope it runs in the family.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Those olives have made my day!!

training education said...

yummy yum!