Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer school...

Things I've learned this summer:
Beets have a large family and taste good on their own (thinly sliced and uncooked)
I love nature as long as it doesn't buzz around me or bite.
My girls are going to be better artists than me (if they choose it as a path)
Free time comes at a price:)


Carolyn Gavin said...

you're so right. love that pic of your cute babe painting!

rigel said...

Anais looks so focused on her creation. man, i miss the care free shirtlessness of childhood summers.
i really dig the candy colours in this pattern. it would make an awesome makeup bag, yes?

sideoats + scribbles said...

I just stumbled on your blog, and I just had to leave a comment and say that I LOVE it! You really made me smile BIG this morn! :)