Thursday, May 28, 2015

a few pictures from Surtex . . .

Surtex was... as it always is... a blur... Gone in a flash. It's a few days during which I turn into an extravert and meet a lot of wonderful people. This year didn't disappoint. I've been home for almost a week... but I still feel like walking downstairs to grab a taxi to Javits Ceter. Anyway... the introverted creative life goes on. Here are a few pictures from the show:).
Anais (my youngest daughter) came with me. Standing in front of Lilla Rogers Studio banner that was placed right at the entrance to the show.
• My lovely agent Susan McCabe - the best! 
Flora Waycott, me, Sarah Walsh & Carolyn Gavin


Rachel Gresham said...

Design heroes! Love your dress too :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and stunning work! Your daughter is a mini version of you! xx