Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Marc Boutavant is a brilliant french illustrator and my latest source of inspiration. I just can't get enough of his adorable style. I am wishing that his books were in english though (so I could read them with my girls).
The 6 thick board puzzles could be found at couverture.


monda-loves said...

Have you seen the book called 'play Pen - new children's book illustration'. This also features Marc's work. It's a lovely book actually, i just bought it.


orange you lucky! said...

Oh! I just googled it and it looks awesome! I must get a copy! Thank you for the tip! :)

Lea said...

I fell in love with his motives and bought some stickers of exaxtly that kind from "Djeco".
I looooooooooooove your artwork and I admire your lovely life with so much experience, children, happy marriage etc.
Lovely greetings from far-far-away germany!

Vibeke Hoie said...

Thanks for this reminder! I love his work! My kids can study his drawings for ages!