Saturday, February 16, 2008

shower them with...

What's the prognosis? Showers. Baby Boy Showers to be exact. It is not hard nowadays to find something super fun for a kid. It is hard to find something that doesn't have some overused cartoon character on it (no pointing of fingers necessary) and is relatively inexpensive. After all, they might not care about the $250 doll house as much as you do (and choose to relocate their little army of plushies into a cardboard box).  However, I still have an easier time spending money on kids rather than on myself. Here are some awesome toys I have found:
Six little soldiers, a ball and a tin drum from congo jo. Hours of entertainment (even for me). 
Teddy bears never go out of style. This blue one from habitat is too cute for words.
Wooden toys are good on so many levels. I found this adorable block set on three potato four site. You could use this as part of a nursery decor.
Ah...wooden dog by Yoshitomo Nara (one of my favorite Japanese artists). At first, this could serve as nursery decor, and later, once they start walking, expect some pulling along action (and some hilarious attempts to ride). Found it at KangarooBoo.
Rody - the cutest horse ever! I have one in red and it has a rocking part at the bottom. My kids got a lot of mileage out of Rody. You can find one at PLASTICA.
Nice take on a sock monkey by Paul Frank can be found at style kid.
They call him the Muffin but he looks more like an upside down ice-cream cone to me. Cute, nonetheless. I have a Burger by the same company. Muffin and a ton of other wonderful and unique items can be found at zac and zoe.

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