Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a pinch of red, a handful of blue, mix it up...

I'm loving the red and the blue together! High contrast and a lot of punch. Plus, I'm going to spend the entire month of June by the Black Sea (I'm going to Odessa at last!) so everything navy related makes me think about the big trip!
1. Unique shoes by Irregular choice - if you are looking for something off beat (and I always am) it's a good place to check out.
3. Pranayama Robe - ANTHROPOLOGIE (I've always wanted to start the day wearing a robe like this, sitting in a sunroom with a cup of coffee).
4. Capri Coin Purse - hayden-harnett - love the pattern on it!
5. Coxswain Cardigan - ANTHROPOLOGIE - love the sleeves and the anchor detail.


april said...

You have impeccable taste! I want it ALL!!!

La Trollette said...

red and blue is my favorite colour match.

kitty stitch said...

thats funny I posted a hippo yesterday!! really like your grey under the sea design.