Tuesday, February 12, 2008

one of my favorite illustrators*

I just absolutely adore everything this woman does! 
Lauren Child is behind my kids favorite TV series called 'Charlie & Lola'.
I love it just as much as they do! After watching an episode (I have purchased all of them) they start speaking with a british accent. It's really funny! I've given this talking bendable 'Charlie & Lola' dolls to my Lola for her 6th birthday. She was so exited! For me I got the mug that appropriately states: I'M TOO BUSY TO DO STOPPING! We have spent a few coffee mornings together and are very close now (me and the mug that is). If you have children under 8 y. check out the CHARLIE AND LOLA website. There are wonderful games that you could play with your child and it is easy to use.


Florence said...

Welcome to blogging, Helen...although oddly your blog seems so full of colour and character, it doesn't look like a new home at all.

I love her work too, although somewhat irritatingly neither of my children think Charlie & Lola are quite as wonderful as I do! I remember reading Pippi Longstocking as a child and so the Lauren Child illustrated version is definitely on my wish list.

orange you lucky! said...

Along side with Charlie and Lola my girls also like Dora, Diego and some unmentionable Disney cartoons
(I'm such a snob...ha ha!). Can't make them like everything I like, but happy they took to this show!