Friday, May 23, 2008

a glimpse into the stationery show...

The Stationery Show was massive this year! You just wouldn't belive how vastly huge it was. Thanks to my trusty super comfy 'hush puppies' I wasn't crawling home after all that walking. There's not enough time to discuss even a quarter of the fab paper goods that I've spotted at the show, but I will at least glide through the visible trends:
Environmentally friendly products (finally) seem to be all the rage. Recycled paper goods and off white notebooks are setting the trend. The Ecojot booths were a prime example of  'not made in china'  affordable 100% recycled goodness.
Wood! There were so many interesting products that replaced paper with wood this year. Night Owl Paper Goods had a great variety of wooden postcards to offer that look unique (the wood grain is different from card to card) and would make a beautiful keepsake. At the front of their booth I spotted this beautiful crewel on burlap that made me want to go embroider something immediately.
Letterpress! Yeah, it's Letterpress time all the way! The best examples of beautifully done letterpress cards were Hello Lucky and ILEE custom invitations. I spotted a lot of Julia Rothman beautiful wrapping paper at the Hello Lucky booth and have already made plans with it in mind.
Felted goods! Last year I can't recall any, but this time there were felted balls, felted keychains, pens, even a measuring tape. I like where this is going. Adorable!
Well, I must get back to work. I hope this windy post didn't keep you from what's important. I will leave you with this little unrelated tit-bit: on Tuesday I went out with the fabulous Carolyn Gavin from Ecojot and afterwards we dropped by Ricky's convenience store on the way back to the hotel. Kurt Russell just happened to stop by the same place at the same time! I've finally seen somebody famous! We giggled and whispered like 2 school girls and I think that must have made him leave. No regrets though:)


Anonymous said...

I love stationary so much. I'm so jealous. Was the show limited to industry?

And congrats on the Kurt Russel sighting. Too bad you didn't get a pic.

carolyn Gavin said...

hey H!
just getting back to business. Fab posting today...ha ha re: KR!! anyway lovely, lovely to spend such an interesting evening with you.
you took so many great pics at the show, i think i took 3, trying to post them today, but typepad has reformated everything + i cannot do a thing! also in the middle of a huge project for monday.... so no time to figure out how to do my blog today...aaaaaaahhhh!! just thought i'd find a sympathetic ear in you. love me xxxx

Net said...

The show looks incredible and a little overwhelming! Must be amazing to walk around all that gorgeousness!

Kurt Russell!! I'd have been giggling like nobodies business, I used to totally love him in that disney movie "World's Strongest Man"!

Teagan said...

OMG! Sensory overload!!

Michal said...

awesome show! i love the night owl cards. i have one framed on my desk. so cute!

bowie style said...

fantastic reporting on the show - and your enthusiasm is so inspiring.

your own display of work on lila rogers looked stunning - i dont know how any buyers/clients
could resist.

thanks so much for giving us a flavour of the show :)

BJ Lantz said...

Yes, it is about time that the stationery industry (and everyone else) gets onboard with the eco-friendly idea. Sadly, though, I feel that for many (not just in the stationery industry) at the moment it is more of a marketing bandwagon than a true desire to be "green".

I've been going to Surtex/NSS for seven years now and have seen someone famous each year except this one! The best was Hugh Jackman as he got out of his car at the backstage door of The Boys From Oz. Yum!