Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day weekend:)

What an action packed weekend this was. I tried to squeeze as much mother daughter fun in between the work as I could. Usually on mom's day I take my mom and my sister out, but neither could make it this time, so I took Lola and Margo to our favorite sushi restaurant and it was great! They  actually behaved like mini adults and were extra good to me:) Of course, a promise to visit a toy store afterwards was made (and we did not leave empty handed). Such a good day:)
Top pic: mother's day presents and Anais. Bottom pic: Lola and Margo on Friday after school in-front of our house.


hollysarah said...

You're children are beautiful! :)

carolyn Gavin said...

sweet pics!

Nicole said...

Too cute! Do your girls eat sushi??? Nice post.

Nicole said...

PS. I love your blog so I tagged you with an award! Check it out here:

Eva said...

Such sweet pictures and wonderful presents...:)I just love childrens drawings, there so full of energie and joy!
I took my daughter out for sushi once. Unfortunately she mistook the Wasabi for Nori (She was always curious about this seaweed thing) and before I could stop her, she took a whole spoonful....:O. Now I have to visit those little sushi bars all by myself...:(
Lucky you....;)

ellencrimitrent said...

so are you ready for Surtex? My boys love california rolls and shumi, and we had a great lunch also.

I am counting the days until I see my close friends in the big city, I miss them allot and living there but not the small space.

See you on Sunday!!

Wendi said...

Totally unrelated to this lovely post but . . . any chance you'll show us how you do repeats? I saw your comment on Skinny laMinx about the Julia Rothman method and now I'm curious. :-)
Love your site, by the way. I'd love to see a Little Red Riding Hood picture book illustrated by you. That repeat was fabulous!

orange you lucky! said...

Hi Wendi! My method is no method at all. It's abstract and I like to switch it up (thanks to 3sec attention span). All I can say, I never did it the way Julia describes it. I do it in illustrator, and it allows me to play around until it's just right.
*Making the Little Red Riding Hood picture book would be a dream come true:)

Greg said...

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