Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mustard peacock

I really missed making patterns, so here is one. A peacock feather. Simple. Could work as a wallpaper or a bedspread. 
I'm trying very hard to tie all the loose ends before I leave for my epic vacation, and so it's been very hard to find blog time lately. 


Eva said...

Hello Helen,
I've been busy lately as well but I really wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful booth at the show and and all the great impressions you shared with us.
And I 100% understand your urge for patterns. Visiting your blog has inspired me to make an allover knitting pattern myself...

Anna said...

Oooohhh! I love it.

Vicky, UK said...

Hi Helen, Have been inspired by your fantastic blog for months! I was wondering if you have published any tutorials on the software or design processes etc that you use anywhere online? Or can you offer any advice to me as I am fairly new to illustrator & photoshop.

orange you lucky! said...

Thanks Vicky!
No, I have not published any tutorials, bur I probably will in the future. Right now, it's a tad tight in terms of time. I do a lot of work in illustrator. It's a great tool! I think I learn best when I have time to play around with the software.

Regina said...

Are your patterns available on fabric? Is this one of your intents? Has no fabric company snapped up your designs? I would buy yards and yards of your fabrics!