Thursday, May 29, 2008

tea parties are fun:)

This Birthday invitation is made for a very special soon to be 5 y.o. girl named Piper. Didn't it turned out fun?! I think making invitations is one of my most favorite past times. I hope it's sunny on her birthday and  a tea party in the backyard is a  part of the celebration.


carolyn Gavin said...

its amazing Helen. i love it.
i have to do an invite for lily's 7th... maybe i'll get her to do it!

hollysarah said...

love it! The Alice in Wonderland theme is so great! Do you do much custom work? What would a custom invitation/stationary cost if you do such?

Anonymous said...

What a lucky little girl!

orange you lucky! said...

Hollysarah, I don't do much custom work, and, as I work through an agent and every project is different, I couldn't tell you the cost of things. sorry:(
I do love making invitations though! Such fun!