Monday, May 26, 2008


A few pictures from the ICFF show! I spent  almost a whole day browsing the furniture show labyrinth. It was visually over-stimulating and at times I thought if I was a buyer (owner of a furniture store), I would have hard time focusing. I just looked at it from a consumer perspective: "would I buy this for my house?". I wouldn't lie, there were a lot of pretentious pieces that don't stand a chance in real functional world and would only be accessible to the top 1% . But, I looked at these as museum pieces:) Eye candy has it's definite place in a world.
Here are some things I'd like for myself:
• Milk gone bad night lamp from Bombo land! Check out this awesome illustration portfolio of Maurizio Santucci (artist behind this lamps) on
• The ceramic Wellington boots just made me laugh. They look super neat, but they wouldn't survive a day at my house:) Made by Czech company Qubus. They could serve the purpose of a vase or just stand alone as a sculpture.
• I don't know how practical the sheep rocker could be (I invision jam in it right away) but it sure looked cute! They made by CC12. They had a ton of other interesting objects at their booth.
• I loved the colorful  OFFECCT booth. That stripy lamp would feel right at home in my bedroom:)
BrentComber coffee table (wood sculpture) has caught my eye right away! I want to know exactly how it's made. Neat!
IANNONE eco-friendly modern design booth stood out with their unique cork inlay design. Just beautiful!
OryZa furniture. Ah! Playroom material! Too bad they don't have a website (I find that strange). These fiberglass tables and stools are total candy! I love Japanese design:)
There were so many interesting things, but Grace from D*Sponge did such ace job on covering the show that it would be redundant to go on.


s a n s k u :) said...

I would love to see a show like this! Looks like a lot of fun.

carolyn Gavin said...

i walked the show too, and didnt see any of this.
thanx a bunch!

diana said...

oh, that Brent Comber Coffee Table looks very interesting. I want to know how it's made as well. Great coverage thanks.

Julien Chung said...

Thanks for the photos - I would have love to gone to the show. Maybe next year. In the meantime I am very happy to see your choices. It's true that it is hard to focus with all that stimulation and energy. I was at the Montreal interior design show this last weekend and I had to take a few breaks to sit down and collect myself!

modmom said...

you are the best reporter!