Thursday, December 11, 2008

how stars are made:)

When one can't find their ideal christmas tree star ornament - one must come up with a solution!  And, than, share the solution... of course.
First, I have to tell you, I did look. High and low. It's always the same gold or silver, sometimes crystal (plastic) star that just doesn't speak to me. So... I made my own, and I like it!
If you like it too - here's how to make one for your christmas tree:

You will need: vinyl/pleader in 2 colors, thread in 2 colors, scissors, needle, sewing pins, synthetic stuffing and the pattern provided above.

1. Copy the pattern onto your desktop. Print it out. Cut it out.
2. a) Trace the star you've cut out with a color pencil onto the back of the red vinyl (red pleader, fake leather). Twise - for the front and the back.
b) Trace the mouth and eyes onto the the white vinyl/pleader.
c.) Carefully cut it out.
4. Place the eyes and mouth where you need them onto one of the red vinyl stars. Pin them on with sewing pins. Using the running stitch attach with white thread.
5. Put the two red vinyl star cutouts back to back so they match. Secure them together with pins.
6. Using the running stitch and (leaving 3mm  away from the edge) attach the 2 sides together. As pattern indicates, leave the space at the bottom open.
7. Push a bit of synthetic stuffing (old pillow, perhaps?) to fill out the star.
8. Trim and clean  the top of your tree (3-4 inches) and put your star on.
9. Proceed with the rest of the decorations:)
I hope this makes sense. 


ellencrimitrent said...

very cute Helen! I see you like the vinyl I have never used it, I seem to be into felt, but I will have to try vinyl next!! Thanks for the cute star pattern

Anonymous said...

So cute and funky, as all your things are! Love your works! And often include your illustrations in my treasuries in etsy, because they´re fantastics.
Great blog, too!
Cheers from Spain!!!

Carrie said...

I know the feeling, i made my own garlands this year because the ones in the stores just weren't up to my great taste :-)
Thanks for sharing!

Heather Moore said...

It's YOU who's the star! Have a great weekend too. xx

tatjana said...

great idea! my daughter has been begging me for a star (for our Rosemarie's not very strong), thanks

Julie PlainWhitePress said...

that's so cute Helen! I would have never thought about making a star that way!

s a n s k u :) said...

Cu-u-ute! Love the scalloped painted wall too!

Alyssa Thomas said...

I love your work and this little start you made. I featured it on my blog. You can see the post at


Ilaria said...

Ciao! io penso che i tuoi lavori e i tuoi disegni siano molto belli!
Posso dire che sono fantastici...

Scusa se non scrivo in inglese, ma non ne sono capace.

monda-loves said...

Thanks for sharing this.This star is soo cute.
I too was unable to find a suitable tree topper, and resorted to making my own - which, like yours, is much nicer than any I have seen in the shops.


Betmate said...

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