Monday, March 17, 2008

daydream pattern:)

And the search for the "perfect wallpaper" pattern continues! This one I call 'daydream' because I've used free floating thought to create it. I thought of something and I drew it. It's really a doodle. Make your own story - type of - wallpaper. I'm happy with it! (Making the walls fun to stare at one wallpaper at a time!)


Cicada Studio said...

How fun! I subscribe to your blog and I simply can't believe how prolific you are. Great work!!

hollysarah said...

Love it. Doodling is such a great thing, a free form of expression that I think shows our true thoughts and what's on our mind at the time.... everyone should do it! Your's look so great! I would put that wallpaper up in a heartbeat! :)

bethany said...

i am inspired by everything you create!

fectoglen said...

love your blog

karen said...

The blue is my pick!

Nicole said...

Fun! You have a great style. Very unique. Love the patterns.

modmom said...

super fabulous!

jack chan said...

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