Tuesday, March 18, 2008

working in colour...

I've been working on a black and white project all day yesterday and was in desperate need to make something colourful. This is just a bunch of organic shapes in fun colours. I think that it would make perfect lampshade paper.


Peggy said...

Hello! I discovered your blog from reading a comment at Jenn Ski's blog. (I agree - I would love to have a Jenn Ski rug and I am an avowed rug hater.)

I love your blog! You design all of the wonderful patterns seen here? Amazing. What medium do you use?

I adore the toy your daughter designed as well. I will be visting often.

orange you lucky! said...

Thank you, Peggy!:)
I mainly use Adobe illustrator when I design the patterns. I just love the versatility of vector.

painted fish studio said...

i love the colors! and the shapes!

and i hate using/making bezier curves in illustrator. good thing there are more talented people out there, like you, to make great use of them!