Monday, March 10, 2008

a few of my favorite things:)

In search of  'the perfect wallpaper for me' I have decided to just put together a few of my favorite things that didn't have too much in common, but that would flow together and give food for thought if you ever had to stare at the wall in search of some. I love the way this pattern came out. The abominable snowman is my favorite feature. As usual, I had trouble deciding what colours would go best. What do you think?


Unknown said...

Hi! This is a great pattern!
Since you ask, i like it better in white with a solid color background or the soft contrast of dark blue with lighter blue background. But they´re all great!

painted fish studio said...

i like both of the orange options!

Holly said...

the light/dark green one is my favorite. Very cute!

Guns said...

Oh my!!! Everything on your blog makes my eyes happy! Yay! My friend April directed me here, and what good direction it was to give!

The green and brown are my favourite colourways!!!!

Kim Buchheit said...

helen! thank you for dropping by and for your kind comments.

i am just blown away by your talent... you are just amazing. while writing this comment, i mentioned to my husband what a talent you are and showed him some of your work... you impressed him too :)

we live in grand canyon national park -- and, yes, you're invited :) truly, any time.

~ k

orange you lucky! said...

Thanks Kim!
I'm super flattered!
Grand Canyon is way far from where I am (but thanks for the invite!).

Jan Halvarson said...

right now i'm totally loving red - so the red!

Eva said...

Hmmm...staring at your (yet again :)awesome desings I'd go for the turquoise/green/white and the orange /brown/white ones.
Not because they're my favourite colours, but because while staring at them, the different shapes stand out and you can concentrate on them (to get your mind wandering..;)
The other colours make beautiful designs too, but more in an overall impression. It is difficult to focus on single shapes.'s up to you again..;)

P.S. I enjoy your blog so much, I linked you to mine. I hope it's okay. If not, just give me a short notice.

bettyninja said...

I actually like all the colorways shown. I love the way all the disparate things work together. Very fun!

Annie said...

I wish this was a fabric! I love the brown one, the red one, and the green one.

They are great!

christie said...

I too wish this was fabric - would make great pillows and tote bags - so fun!

I love the brown/orange/white & the mustard/white.

.girl ferment. said...

Love the green one mostest but they are all fabulous. You really need to get these printed as fabrics as everyone is suggesting, I would buy it. It would be great for childrens' library bags, pillowcases etc.
Love it.