Friday, March 28, 2008

mama likes:)

Check out these delicious patterned infant and toddler dresses from April Scott (on Etsy)! These would make such great shower presents. I wish they came in my size.


carolyn said...

HI Helen,
i've been meaning to email you...
your work is fantastic... i've become a real fan and i read your blog everyday along with p+p. The 2 best in the world right now!
People say to me sometimes..."dont know how you do it" juggling kid, dog and business. But i say to you " how do you do it" juggling 3 kids and who knows what else? and you seem to be so prolific!
anyway, wondered what ecojot books you are using right now also?

seven said...

I love those dresses! So adorable.

orange you lucky! said...

Dear Carolyn! So happy to hear from you!
The answer to the "juggling" question is - no weekends and Michael (my husband). One thing is certain - it is never boring over here!
Right now I have the birds and apple book and I really love it! But, I'm drooling over the butterfly kids sketchbook (that would be next). Also, the owls in little sweaters (they look like cupcakes:) are calling my name! I'll see them in Chapters next time I'm in there.
Love and adore your work Carolyn!